Friday, May 22, 2009

A needed change....

In the past, change was not a good thing for me. I had to have everything scheduled and solid. I did not take many chances. A friend of mine recently was let go from her job she loved and thought was secure. At first I was mortified for her as she was as well, then I realized the ole saying, "when one door closes another door opens". I know she is upset about her change, but perhaps what awaits her is bigger and better than what she has ever known... and she would have never known it, if it were not for "change". I wish her the best. I have a feeling something great is in store for her.

My new site is up. Still working out some kinks in it. I felt I needed a change. Change can be scary, afraid of the unknown, but it can also be wonderful. So today is the day I welcome it. I hope you like my site. I am offering more products. Feel free to comment!

Now, for this blog, it needs some serious help. I am still looking for away to improve it, then perhaps I will want to write in it every day and maintain it. The only ones who look at this are my hard core fans. So be watching for something new and hopefully stimulating!

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